Betting Preview: World Cup Golden Boot

Let’s learn more about the situation of the World Cup Golden boot scenario. A lot has happened since the beginning of the tournament. A few months ago, the injuries of Bezenma and Marco Reus were impossible to predict, as well as other surprises like the good performances of Enner Valencia and Netherlands’ Gakpo.

Let’s have a look at the situation in the football betting markets!

FIFA 2022 Golden Boot: Betting Odds as of the Round of 16

France’s Mbappé has the worst odds right now with 3.5 on average. It’s not surprising considering the amazing performance of the PSG’s star, but we also have an important factor at play…

The top scorer betting market considers how far the team and the player are expected to go in the tournament too, so sometimes an average striker may have odds like big names as they have poor opposition to come in the upcoming fixtures.

Following Mbappé, we have Messi with odds of 5.5 on average. Personally, I still think Argentina needs to prove a lot in this tournament in spite of their victory yesterday against Australia.

But 5.5 may not be a bad call, especially when names like Richarlison and Morata follow with odds circa 10.

Outrights Soccer Betting: More than one Horse…

The nature of this market and the odds involved allow international football bettors the chance to diversify their stakes by betting on more than one selection.

You can balance a big bet and stake on names like Mbappé and Messi and place small stakes on guys with odds like 10+ as we just described.

You can simply try to cover potential losses on your main bet or really try to make the most of a potential bet on big odds.

Let’s suppose that you like Mbappé here and you want to bet €100. With odds of 3.5 you could potentially see your €100 becoming €350. So, with potential €250 in betting profits, you could afford to lose a few Euros on other selections of the same market.

If you bet €50 on Messi, and he is the top scorer, you would earn €175 in profits, so you could cover for the loss with Mbappé and still bring home €75 in profits.

Summary: Golden Boot Betting Odds and Techniques

The essence of any good bet is to focus on what you believe will happen eventually. But in markets with big odds like who’ll be the top scorer (Golden Boot) or tournament outright (who’ll win the tournament), you can afford to place more than one bet due to the mathematical nature of the market odds.

Moreover, the odds fluctuate in this market like in any other market!

Mbappé had odds of 7.0+ before the tournament, which means when you like football betting odds at any market, grab it before it’s gone!